The Rochester Post-Bulletin just published this story about a local lawmaker who is accusing Rochester officials of deliberately making traffic congestion to promote their campaign for fewer cars and increased use of buses and bicycles.

The article says:

Rep. Duane Quam, R-Byron, told a small group gathered at a town hall meeting on Tuesday in Pine Island that he believes some city officials want to make traffic worse than it needs to be. "It's planned congestion. They are taking vehicles out of the high density access routes and they are making congestion worse. To me, that's city councilors, some of the people in Rochester, planning to make it look worse to justify further actions," Quam said.

City Council member Michael Wojcik defended traffic changes made, saying it has made the roadway safer and not resulted in more congestion. He added, "That's a very nice tin foil hat that Duane Quam has on."

You can read the full Post Bulletin article, here.