This winter has been challenging due to below zero temps and weekly snowfall. Unmaintained sidewalks and pedestrian ramps are becoming increasingly icy as snow gets compacted down by pedestrian traffic and the freeze thaw cycle.

This is a compassionate reminder to clear your sidewalks and pedestrian ramps of snow and ice. Removing snow and ice from the sidewalk contributes to a safe and mobile pedestrian environment. Residents and visitors to Rochester need safe sidewalks for access to work, transit and daily needs.

What you can do:
1. Clear your sidewalk of snow and ice after every snowfall.
2. Help neighbors in need.
3. Visit the Public Works Snow Page for more information.

The Public Works Department does respond to complaints about unsafe and sides not maintained to the standards in City Ordinance 72.02. A contractor is dispatched to remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk in violation of the Ordinance. This process has costs associated that are billed to the property owner. Easiest way to avoid receiving a citation is by ensuring that your sidewalk and pedestrian ramps abutting your property are cleared of snow and ice.

IMPORTANT: Friday, January 24th is a tentative day to respond to a backlog of complaints. Enforcement is subject to changes in weather conditions.