This is a washing machine. And this weekend, it proved I should still be living at home having my mom do my laundry. Seriously. e  bet

My mom's big laundry rule (besides DO IT!) was, "Check the pockets...every time. Even if they're your pants."

So I did...not ever do that. Ever. And it's only bitten me via Kleenex harassment. A small price to pay for the freedom of just throwing clothes in the washer. "Check the pockets" I can hear my mom say in my head, "No way! i have better things to do than check pockets! Pshhh! As if!

  • Oh, look...a quarter went thru the wash, what a lovely sound it makes!

  • My Carmex was in my pocket? No problem, that cap is screwed on tight!

  • Huh! A dollar! A dollar in my pants. Hey mom, see this? A very clean dollar!

Big deal, a clean dollar, a shiny quarter, or a clean tube of Carmex. So what?

Well, today I learned so what.

This is the day the Sharpie attacked!

Look at that! One of my favorite shirts is ruined for away from home wearing!


FINE, mother. You were right.