Let me begin by thanking the local outfits who help our local homeless every night of the year, teens and children, too....great places like the Interfaith Hospitality Program, Pathway House and Salvation Army Transitional Living Program.

Remember the video where a homeless guy named Eric "won" a thousand bucks on a lottery ticket, and tried to split it with the guy who gave it to him?  Since then, he's gotten a job, an apartment, and people online have donated over $60,000.

Now there's a new video where Eric pays it forward by helping out ANOTHER homeless guy.  It starts with him offering to buy a guy a hotel room for the night.  But then when they get to the hotel, he reveals he's actually paying for an entire month.

Apparently Eric's not done helping yet.  Because in the video, he tells the guy, "This is NOT the last time you're gonna see me."