Today is Dave Berg's last day on the NEW Y-105FM. He's been part of it since we first flipped the switch a little over a year ago now. And it's time to say so long...

A lot of radio stations lose a talent and never mention it. You listen every day and you get to know 'em...then, suddenly, they're gone. No goodbye, no explanation, nothing. Well, that really bothers me. So here at the NEW Y-105FM, we do things differently.

Elf Dave

You spend a lot of time with us, and the least we owe you is honesty and openness, right? So, here's the story about Dave Berg, a guy I'm sorry I have to say goodbye to.

When Brent Ackerman left us to run Rochesterfest, we knew it'd be hard to fill his shoes as afternoon guy. On the air in the market almost as long as radio's been around, he was well loved.

Batman Dave

Fortunately, we had Dave Berg on the air down the hall in the building, and it took less than a minute to realize the solution was right in front of us! Dave's been in the market a long time, he's well known, and I have yet to meet anyone that doesn't like the guy.

Boom, he became the NEW Y-105FM afternoon guy...and we were off and running.

You've heard about Dave's love of comics and, of course, the love he has for his family. So many great stories about his children. We're going to miss them...and we're going to miss him.

We wish he could stay, but he's found the perfect job, one that'll give him more time to put his feet up, look at his beautiful kids and say, "Hey, that lawn won't mow itself!"

Please, comment below and let Dave know you'll miss him. I know Tracy and I (and everyone here at Townsquare Media, Rochester) will! He came in every day to win, and that's not something you can teach. It's just inside you. It's a part of who he is.

And Dave, you know how at least once a week you complained about orange dust under the mouse and the empty Cheetoh bag on the floor? Yeah...that wasn't Tracy. ((ahem))  Or Jerry. ((ahem ahem)) Or the Cheeto Lovin' engineer.

It was me.

At first, I did it because I thought it was funny/annoying. But when I realized it made you hungry for Cheetos, could i NOT? Plus, it meant I got to have Cheetos at least once a week!

That, my friend, is what I call a win-win.

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Credit: James Keller

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