A Houston County man spent two years in prison for a crime he did NOT commit. In 2008 he was released after it was discovered that his accuser lied. He's now getting nearly a half million dollars from the state for that time. What do you think about this settlement? 

50 year old Roger Lee Olsen was wrongfully imprisoned for child molestation of a former stepdaughter 10 years ago.

He currently lives in his hometown of La Crescent, and his attorney says he suffers from post-traumatic stress, along with mental and physical health problems.

The Star Tribune sites, Minnesota is the 30th state to pass a law compensating freed inmates for time served, plus damages. Olsen is among three wrongfully imprisoned Minnesotans who will receive ­compensation under the new state law.

How does one just get their life back together after spending time in prison for something they DIDN'T do? Especially child molestation. That NEVER goes away. His name was drug through the mud umpteen times. This story breaks my heart. What do you think?