If you have child care needs here in the Med City, here's good news: a new facility is currently under construction in northwest Rochester.


Seeing as this location is only about a mile from our house, and is one I travel by several times a week, my curiosity was piqued when I noticed ground being broken along with several bulldozers and other pieces of heavy construction equipment on a vacant lot along 9th Street northwest recently. And, sure enough, a sign soon appeared that told me what was being built.

Turns out, it's a new child care center that's under construction at this location, not too far off Highway-14 and West Circle Drive. In fact, it's apparently going to be Rochester's first location for Eureka Kids Child Care.


Their website describes their soon-to-be-open business like this:

"We are designed to meet your child’s unique needs in our nurturing and diverse environment. Our childcare center focuses on the development of the whole child to help prepare them for a lifetime of learning Discover your child’s potential with S.M.A.R.T.E.R. childcare at Eureka Kids."

The distinct lack of child care here in Rochester has been noted by area leaders recently, so here's hoping this new facility can help ease that shortage. It's scheduled to open next spring.

You can get more information HERE.