With Father's Day coming up, here's a story about the valuable lessons our Pops teach us.


9 year old Zach Furman of Minneapolis was at a school picnic last month.  And he and a friend started looking for their buddy Fletcher to see if he wanted to sit with them.

And it's a good thing they did.  Because when they found him, Fletcher was in the middle of CHOKING on a French fry.  And no one else was around to help him.

At first, the other friend thought Fletcher was throwing up.  But Zach said no, he was choking on something.  So the friend ran to get a teacher, while Zach decided to handle it himself . . . gave Fletcher the Heimlich maneuver . . . and saved his life.

It turns out Zach realized what was happening and knew what to do, because his dad had taught him the Heimlich just two week earlier.

And listen to how modest this kid is about it.  When someone asked if he's a hero, he said no, it was no big deal . . . and he's just glad his buddy is okay.

Right on, Zach.