I don't know if they still do it, but the folks behind the lunch counter at school? They always wore hairnets. And now, so do flowers!

I had brunch at Hy-Vee Crossroads Marketplace Grill with my friend Courtney.  We didn't do the buffet...I'm a menu guy, so menu it was and it was good! I did a corned beef omelet with double helping of spinach. SO good. Thanks Jennifer Gosha for the recommend.

Anyway, after brunch Courtney was dead set on Fig Newtons. She told me why, but the butter cooler caught my attention (you know how it is, right? Am I right?), so all I got was, "Something something something...bunning." Maybe she needs 'em after a workout full of squats.

Lunch lady with callous disregard for hair control and hygiene.

On the way out, I was walking by the flowers and I saw the St Patrick's Day bouquets, only, they looked more like lunch ladies to me. I looked at one and I swear it said, "You want three fish sticks or four?"

Courtney looked at me funny when I said, "Two fish sticks, and an extra scoop of mac and cheese, please."

Look at 'em! They're flowers with hairnets! Totally lunch lady flowers.