I love this time of year!

Truth be told, I love the change of seasons no matter what time of year it is. YES, I love winter too! (But let us leave that conversation for another day.) Seriously, I'll never want to live where the weather is either hot or hotter.

Earlier this week, I was walking across Annenberg Plaza on the Mayo Campus. The weather was so lovely I was *almost* loitering, but that's just fine on such a sunny day.  I saw one of my favorite signs of summer which is the readying of the area water fountains. Mayo's 'Boy With a Dolphin' statue, specifically. Just like a little child, I love to sit and watch a water fountain. It's relaxing on so many levels. The sun through the drops of water, the sound of water as the drops splash down. Ahhh... yes. Fountains!  A great sign of summer.

Hey! Please share YOUR favorite signs of the season in our fair city.