Over the weekend, I mowed my lawn for the first time this year. I put some fresh gas in my riding mower and it started right up. After I was finished I wanted to do some trimming and whack a few weeds, so I went to grab my trusty Black-&-Decker electric weed-whacker and realized it wasn't fully charged up, so I had to wait on that project.

I started thinking about other options. When I was a kid I used to use an old-fashioned pair of hand-grip scissor clippers. And way back in the day, I'm sure most people used things like a wooden-handled scythe. (Those folks were 'green' before it was the hip, cool thing to be).

So today, electronic or gas-powered weed-whacker/trimmers have made the chore easier and much more efficient, right? Well that's what I thought...until I saw the above video. It puts that myth to rest as the guy with the scythe easily out-performs the weed-whacker guy. Maybe I should go buy a scythe. Or if I REALLY want to 'go green', why not just get a goat? It even comes with its own fertilizing machine built right in.  Baaaaaahhh!