It's almost free movie time! Tonight at 9, the fun begins in Rochester's Central Park!

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Tonight around 9, Cool Runnings will be played outside in Centeral Park (225 1st Avenue NW).

And sure, it's an awesome, funny, and emotional story, but is FREE!  And free is the best thing for families, am I right? RIght!

So, how's it work?


Bring a blanket, a lawn chair, the family couch (KIDDING! Don't bring the family couch...or love-seat, or picnic bench and DEFINITELY don't bring bleachers from the JM football stadium (really, no one behind you could see...who would pull a jerk move like that? Not you, that's who. 'Cuz you're not a've never been to the jerk store, and you don't plan on it now! Is that 150 words?)

Then just chill and enjoy the John Candy classic about the Jamaican Bobsledding Team competing in the Winter Olympics.

ps - This used to be called Movies on the Plaza, but at Central Park you get way more room in a great park.

pss - Thank you Rochester Downtown Alliance for another great family friendly and fun event!


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