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Minnesota's Favorite Valentine's Day Candy
Candystore.com just put out a list of each state's favorite Valentine’s Day candy and I can't believe chocolate wasn't number 1 in Minnesota - Heck, I'm surprised chocolate isn't number 1 everywhere.
5 Minnesota Winter Driving Hacks in 60 Seconds
Winter in Minnesota means cold temps and lots of snow which leads to sloppy roads. These 5 winter car hacks will help you navigate around when conditions are less than perfect.
Here's Whats Open and Closed on Martin Luther King Jr Day
Certain businesses and organizations will be closed today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. MLK day was created to honor the civil rights leader's legacy and was designated a federal holiday in the early 1980s. Here's what will be closed today:
Congrats to These VIP Winners
We love rewarding our loyal listeners with great prizes like gift cards, gadgets, cash and even trips! Congrats to these big winners: