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Finally, A Movie For Moms About The “Real Mom” Life
I was sucked into the character that Charlize Theron played on 'Tully' because it was real. She was showing the real mom moments that are hidden behind most of our doors and not shared openly through our Instagram photos. I've got some of my real mom moments and that trailer below..…
Best SNL “Commercial” That All Women Will Understand
O.M.G. I am literally on the studio floor laughing. SNL came up with one of the funniest bits I have seen since Justin Timerblake was on as a guest. This one is geared for moms though and I can almost guarantee that anyone with kids, with a couch or thought about hitting the gym will understand.
101 Ideas for the Easter Basket That Aren’t Candy
Looking for a few ideas on what to put in an Easter basket? Hiding an Easter basket is a tradition in our family but this year, I wanted to leave the candy to the grandparents. I came up with a few lists that were "candy-free". Feel free to use any and all of these as you hunt for the p…