A magazine listed each state's "Signature Food or Drink" and most of 'em make sense. You kinda expect that it'll be knoephla soup in North Dakota, beer in Wisconsin, and in Iowa it's steak.  Nothing earth shattering there.  All is good, all is right, all makes sense.

But then we get to MN...and either something changed in the last eight years, or I don't understand the world anymore, but (gulp) the Minnesota signature food is...a walleye sandwich? What the what?  I'm not anti-walleye sammich, but our signature food?  That's just taking fish too far.

I think it should be something more everyday...something comfortable...something loving. Walleye Sandwiches don't love, but a hot dish?  That's love, baby!

What do you think should be Minnesota's signature food or drink?