(Reddit) - Not everything that makes you mad has to be a huge, universal problem . . . like idiot politicians or Wall Street corruption.  It's also totally normal to get outraged when it takes 15 seconds for a website to load.

What's a small issue that absolutely INFURIATES you?  Here are eight of our favorite answers . . .

1.  Grocery store self-checkouts.  They just don't work and you always end up needing that one employee monitoring them to come help you.

2.  People who sit on the aisle seat of a bus instead of the window seat, just to keep people from sitting next to them.

3.  People clipping their nails in public.

4.  Two trucks driving next to each other on a two-lane highway at the same speed.

5.  People holding their phones in front of them and talking to someone on speaker in public . . . then looking annoyed if you seem to be "eavesdropping."

6.  Emailing someone with a question . . . and them calling you to answer it.

7.  Headphones magically tangling themselves every time you put them in a bag.

8.  Friends who propose plans at places that are always coincidentally within two or three blocks of where they live.  (Reddit)

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