Pancakes, flapjacks or hotcakes. No matter what you call them, or where you're from, they're hands down one of the best things to order for breakfast!

Happy National Pancake Day!

Originally starting as Lumberjack Day back in 2005, it was later changed to Pancake Day, which sounds just more normal. You can read the strange reasoning behind the change HERE.

Anyways, my wife loves her pancakes and would probably eat them for breakfast several times a week if given the choice.

Our favorite place to go is Cheap Charlie's. If you've never been, you'll be shocked to learn their pancakes come out bigger than you're head! Seriously, you only need to order one if you're craving them for a side with your breakfast. Otherwise, go ahead and get three... but good luck finishing your whole plate!

But where's your favorite place to eat a solid flapjack in Rochester? Let us know if our poll below!