This past weekend my dog Brock needed two baths. The first time he dug into some dirt and was just filthy. The second time I think he rolled in some deer pee or something. Like most dogs, he's not a big fan of baths but he at least tolerates them. Each time I bathed him I kept thinking..."there's got to be a better way to do this". That's when I came across the infomercial for Woof Washer.

The Woof Washer is either the greatest invention ever when it comes to dog cleaning OR it's just another of those late night unnecessary 'as seen on TV' gimmicks. Just a few seconds in to watching the info-video, I figured out what the contraption's secret design was. It's a circle that shoots out water in all directions. Of course they don't call it a circle, they call it a 360 degree ring of water jets. (This is apparently much better than a 90 or 180 degree/quarter or half-ring of water jets).

While watching the video, I also noticed that when people tried to use a regular hose the dogs ran away, yet they stood surprisingly still for the Woof Washer. Is this because they were trained to do so or did they really just enjoy the 'smoothing massage' effect from the device? Hard to say.

Should I get one? I may have to sleep on this before I decide. Of course before I slip into my pajama Jeans, I'll need to clean my ears with my WaxVac, slip on my anti-fatigue Miracle Socks, spray my bed with some Bed Bug Rid, jump in my Snuggie and then lay down on my Chillow (chill pillow). I never like to rush into these kinds of decisions.