Oh how sad is that! Do you think this is true? I certainly hope not! Think of how rich we would all be if we had a penny for every time that another person has hurt us OR God forbid broken a heart or two... According to some new research, it takes the average person about one month for every year you spent together to get over the relationship.

Artem Furman / TSM
Artem Furman / TSM

This is different than what I'd heard from years ago. Someone told me one time that it takes about 1/2 of the time that you were 'with' someone to get them out of your system.


I certainly hope that this is not true because it is sad to think that people could be wrecked for life because of some stupid person who didn't do them right! My thoughts are, they must have snagged a few people who were in the midst of the difficult time of dealing with a breakup. They probably won't even remember feeling that way in a few years.  Heartbreak definitely does suck, but NEVER recover? That is just messed up.  I think of how some people struggle with some horrible things and deal with diseases, the loss of family members or something terrible and tragic, and somehow life keeps moving.


They also claim that women take a little longer. I beg to differ with this, of course, I am a woman, but... most of my life I've encountered men who are either hung up on their ex's or afraid to let anyone in again... and it seems women have more of a handle on relationships, but then women talk that stuff out and guys dont, so I'd think the opposite.  Thats just me however...

You can read more about that study from the Daily Mail.


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