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It's a given that you need a good pair of winter boots, a nice jacket, and warm accessories in Minnesota. This is not one of those "thank you, mom" kind of lists. This is a list of things you may not think of but will make your winter a heck of a lot more enjoyable.

1. Emergency Road Kit (with a shovel) 

Minnesota's weather is unpredictable. Be prepared for the worst. An emergency roadside kit is a must.


2. A Happy Light

If you're like me, when it's the dead of winter and your body is sincerely lacking in vitamin D, a little "sun" light is all you really need. These lights are a perfect addition to your work desk.


3. A Strain Reducing Shovel

No need to have achy back all winter. This shovel is designed to help reduce the strain and back pain.


4. Ice Melt (environmentally AND pet-friendly)

Speaking of back pain. Don't bring it on yourself by leaving the sidewalk icy. This ice melt will do the trick.


5. Fleece-Lined Leggings

Nothing is better than feeling like your wearing warm pajamas in the dead of winter, am I right?


6. Thermal Socks

Ain't nobody got time for cold feet!



7. A Warm Cardigan

This goes hand in hand with the fleece-lined leggings. Being cold is going to make you miserable. Nip that in the bud right away with an oversized, warm and fashionable cardigan.


8. An Office Space Heater

I'm much more productive when I'm not complaining about the cold office. Warm your space with a small space heater.


9. Slippers

My house is almost all hardwood = COLD floors. When your feet are warm, your heart is warm. Corny, but you know what I'm saying.


10. Battery Powered Car Starter and Phone Charger

Near or far, when you're traveling Minnesota roads in the winter, it's never a bad idea to be overly prepared.