Highlighting Dough-Heads and their Dough-Headery!

There were so many Rabe Shots today, I had to make a list! The last one mayyyyy make some folks angry.

  • Guy Ditches Date, Keeps Date's Purse

    A woman on a date in Ohio was ditched by her date. That's OK...he's not much of a catch. She knows this because he left her with the bill, but kept her purse! The police are trying to track him down.

    Scott Griessel
  • Gal Bolts on Botox Bill

    The clinic aced the Botox part of the appointment, but really botched the payment portion when a Florida woman got about $870 worth of Botox earlier this month and skipped out on the bill. It's the second time she's bolted on a Botox bill. which may make it the first time in history a failed criminal is still a smooth criminal.

  • A Burst Bug Bugs Bygone Buddhist

    What do you do when you kill a bug by mistake? Break stuff!  In England, a former Buddhist monk killed a bug by mistake. He got so made he unleashed major destruction, slashing tires on 162 cars! That's $28,000 in damage! Whoa. He admitted his guilt and was sentenced to 11 weeks in jail.

    Steve Lenz
  • Why is there Sewage in Your Mouth?

    Trying to siphon gas outta a passenger bus, some Australian thieves paid the price for their crime...and the police haven't even found 'em yet. They stuck the hose in the wrong hole and literally filled their mouths with raw sewage!

  • Is This Proof Madonna Doesn't Like Her Fans?

    I'm sure many Madonna fans won't agree with this Rabe Shot, but Madonna...you stink. Learn to start your shows on time or put a realistic start time on your tickets. Over and over again Madonna isn't just late in getting on stage, she's 2-3 hours late. It's happened for so long, she's basically lying to her fans. Neat.

    I guess I understand Madonna doing it. She gets away with imaginary start times so why not? What I don't understand is the fans not putting a stop to it. Well, actually...maybe I do. I read what her fans had to say to Reba when she commented during a recent concert. See what she said, and the HOLY MOLY reaction from Madonna fans here.

    Getty Images