The countdown will soon arrive for the 12 Days Of Christmas.   Soon, Y105 Is bringing you a custom '12 days of Christmas', keep listening and watching for more details!

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What would you do with a partridge in a pear tree, turtle doves, french hens, calling birds, gold rings, geese a laying, swans a swimming, maids a milking, ladies dancing, lords a leaping, pipers piping, and drummers drumming?   That IS love.   Sounds like a big ol' party.


'PNC Wealth Management' calculates the cost of the '12 Days Of Christmas' every year. There is a neat little website activity they have created in which you can go through and put the items together from the song, and figure it out.


According to PNC Wealth Management's data released just yesterday,  $ 27,393 is the cost this year, up from last years total by 7.7 percent.   That is, IF you only purchase a set of the gifts named in the song.   If you were to tally up each of the gifts, and the repetition of each item in all of the verses of the traditional Christmas carol, that calculates out to $114,651 for all 364 items.   Last years total, according to the 'USA TODAY' was $107,300.   

Here is a little history lesson on the background of the song, according to one very largely adopted theory that was published in 1979.


The song was first published in 1870, but may be older than that, which is already ancient. Oxford actually has a dictionary for nursery rhymes, and it claims that each of the gifts has some special meaning, whether it be food, or sport, or symbolism pertaining to a particular month of the year.

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