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...dare you to sing this out loud...

🎶  On the 1st day of Christmas, my favorite radio station in Minnesota gave to me...CONCERT TICKETS! 🎶

Oh...but that's not all we've got going on during the 12 Days of Giftmas!!!

Santa, Jessica Williams, and Michelle Heart on Y-105FM
Santa, Jessica Williams, and Michelle Heart on Y-105FM

Score Concert Tickets and a Secret Gift During Y-105FM's 12 Days of Giftmas!!!

We want to make sure that our favorite fans have an extra special holiday this year.  Sitting in the Y-105FM studio in Rochester, Minnesota right now are 12 gifts that are all wrapped up and ready for you to win.  You can even open up your gift BEFORE Christmas morning if you'd like.


Here's What You Can Find Inside The 12 Wrapped Gifts From Y-105FM in Rochester, Minnesota

Santa told us to keep this a secret but...we aren't.  The prizes are just too good to not give you a few hints on what you could be winning during the 12 Days of Giftmas from Y-105FM.  We won't give them all away but here are a few that we just can't keep quiet about:

    • Concert tickets to see Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Pitbull at The Trilogy Tour 2024!  The fun is all happening on Friday, February 16th at the Xcel Energy Center.  Everyone who wins gets a pair of tickets!  (FYI, tickets to this concert would make a great Christmas gift.  Tickets are available now - see seats and availability at the Xcel Energy Center website.)
    • Get Pampered!  A few fun items that your skin will LOVE.
    • Get Healthy! A few fun items to help you achieve those New Year's resolutions next year.
    • Eat Up!  Gift cards to local restaurants!
    • and more!

One little added twist...YOU are picking out the prize.  Everyone will get concert tickets but the added secret gift is truly a secret.  All of the gifts are wrapped and you won't know what you get until you unwrap it!

We've got the spot to enter below, but first...


Show That Minnesota Nice And Tell Your Friends To Join In on the 12 Days of Giftmas!!!

Share the Y-105FM Facebook post with your friends and tell them to enter to win too...and if they do, they have to take you to the concert!  You can find the post by clicking below or here.

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