We started the day off with some rain, but ae bs I sit here in the manse (the fancy place I'm house sitting), the doors are open on both sides of the kitchen, letting fresh air in. That'll change by Thursday, tho, when it gets hot!

Sun to start the week, super sun to end the week. Well, actually, it'll just be 90--95 degrees, which sounds hot, I know, but the humidity is going to kill us. But don't worry, like the old saying goes, "No one has sweat stains if all of us have sweat stains."

Will we get more rain today?  The US Weather Service in LaCross says,

Another round of thunderstorms is possible this afternoon. However, these storms may develop just south of the local area. If the storms occur, they could be severe with damaging winds, large hail, and heavy rainfall.

So there you go. Summer, until Thursday when it becomes moistly sunny. 

And yes, you'll get to hear me say that all week on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show. Don't fight it, join it! It is funny PLUS it'll probably annoy your co-workers and kids. What's not to like?