The heaviest snow will taper off tonight, but...that's not the whole story.

First, and foremost, if you need to know about school closings...

Second, here's what the National Weather Service is saying:

A winter storm will be moving into the area today. Snow will continue to increase in intensity through this afternoon, making travel quite difficult, especially for the evening commute.


The heaviest snow will taper off late this evening, but additional snowfall is expected through Saturday. Winds will also pick up on Saturday, leading to blowing and drifting snow, furthering impacts on travel and holiday shopping. Adjust your travel schedules this weekend if possible!

So, please, as you're driving home from work, give yourself the gift of five minutes and slow down. No cell phone, no eating, just radio and driving. Too many accidents happen on nights like this and I want you to get home and have fun!

Enough preaching, Merry Christmas!