Graduation season always brings out the "what's your advice for graduates?" topics. Well, I have a slightly different version. If you could go back, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?  I asked on Facebook, and these are the best responses (in no particular order).


  • Jamie Sager

    I would tell myself to STOP smoking, that my mom will have an 8 year battle with lung cancer.  Don't settle down so young.

  • Danielle Billing

    Take your meds. Go to counseling. Learn to say no. Breathe. It will be okay.

  • Cheryl Styer

    Go to college and don't settle for someone that doesn't treat you right!

  • Chris Moe

    Get plugged in to the people who are closest to you. You reap the rewards when you show them you care.

  • Jeana Fowler

    Stay away from the hot guys (they're all trouble) and finish your schooling!

  • Shelley Thompson

    Take the scholarship even if the school is far away...

  • Brad Burgess

    You are NOT in this alone, nor do you have to be!

  • Kathryn Bausman

    Spend more time laughing and less time cleaning. Friends and acquaintances are not the same - spend your energy with friends. It is OK to cheat at Monopoly.

  • Joleen Burgart

    Hang on to hope.

  • Gabe Kleinkopf

    Anybody remember the song "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen"? Listen to it.  I wish I had listened harder back in the day, hell I wish that song would have come out about 10 years before it did!!

  • Cheryl Scott Davis Lindquist

    Be nice.

  • Karen Rorie

    The universe rolls on its own. You don't have to get out and push.

  • James Rabe

    Spend more time with mom and dad...and, record a few conversations with mom. I won't tell 18 year old me that they both die by the early 90's and THAT'S why he should do those things. But I will stress the recording. I don't know what my mom's voice sounds like anymore.