The fellas in One Direction have probably heard several amazing stories from their fans.  I would bet they haven't heard one quite like this until just now.  A 15 year old girl went to see one of their concerts & was able to return home, with her speech.  Why or how, you ask?  From screaming at One Direction.  

Laura Yeates is the girls name, and she had been rendered a mute.  She has not spoke for six months prior to her scream at the One Direction concert. I wonder what the guys in the band think of this one? I would bet there was a reason they got into the biz, and part of what most people realize as life goes on, is that a huge amount of satisfaction is derived from helping others. It sounds as if this girl and her family had tried just about everything over several months to heal her.  You can read the story in the Irish Examiner by clicking the link below.