You spent weeks planning Thanksgiving Dinner, days baking, a night spatchcocking the turkey, and almost a full day cooking the actual dinner. You want your guests to have a great dinner, but how will you know if they don't? It isn't like they're going to say, "Susan, you are the worst cook ever and this turkey was improperly spatchcocked to boot!"

I'm here for you. A recent survey found what your guests are really saying. Here are their real-sounding excuses and the translation.

1 - I'm saving room for dessert = I sure hope desert isn't as bad as the dinner.

2 - I had a big breakfast = Man, I'm starving! Why didn't I have a big breakfast?

3 - I'm on a diet= A special diet, where I don't eat anything YOU cook.

All these things could be true on a normal day, but "I had a big breakfast"? on Thanksgiving? You might as well say, "I ate a whole bag of Kwik Trip Cheese Flavored Curls by mistake. And by mistake, I mean...I was here last year, Susan. I know about you!"

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