If you ever find yourself in Seattle, maybe for a professional football game in week 10 or 11, check out the Power 96 app for more info, here are four things that are absolutes as far as checking out. Plus some bonus activities or things to consider/do if you are going to take a trip out west like I just did. 

1. BUY A CITY PASS!!! Seriously if you are going to Seattle for any amount of time greater than 24 hours and you want to go to the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, or really anything chances are this pass will either get you a discount or in for free*. (they are $99/per adult but they pay for themselves after two/three visits) My wife insisted we got these for our trip and it was a great buy.

Space Needle/Chilhuly Glass Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

2. Check out the Space Needle. Yes, very touristy but you get some great views of the city from atop the needle. You can get there via monorail, uber/cab, or drive yourself. If you do drive, parking is a premium and the drivers there are insane so I wish you luck. We timed out our stop to the Space Needle to coincide around sunset and it was pretty cool.

Sunset from the Space Needle Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

3. Take a tour of either the football stadium or baseball stadium. The tours run 7 days a week 3 times a day except for game days. It was $15 a person to go on a tour of T-Mobile Park and $22 a person for CenturyLink Field. We decided on T-Mobile Park, formerly Safeco Field, as there was going to be a game the next day at the football stadium which would restrict where the tour could go. We even got to go onto the field at the end of the tour.

T Mobile Park Seattle Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

4. Go someplace/do something that the 'locals' go-to or do. We walked on average 7 miles a day as Uber/Lyfts are expensive, like a lot of things out in Seattle are when you are in town for 5 days. We didn't want to rent a car based on how crazy the traffic was. So we got to see plenty of places and stop into stores/bars when we felt like it. We found a few different local bars that weren't near some of the popular tourist spots. The prices were better, and the experience was genuine. One of the things we did was check out Luminata. It's a celebration of the autumnal equinox that happens after sunset. It was FREE and featured over 1,000 lit lanterns, and plenty of music and people.

Seattle Luminata Event Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

BONUS: The gum wall and Pikes Market Place, the one where they throw fish, are a great way to spend a day.

Seattle Gum Wall Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

The market is HUGE, and the gum wall should be relatively clean after they were working on scraping off the gum for the walls yearly cleaning when we were there on Saturday.