Do I color my papers with highlighters all the time because I think it helps me in some fashion?  Guilty! I love using highlighters.  Did you know why highlighters are most often yellow?  Did you also know that they probably do not do what you think they do? Highlighters are usually yellow because when you photocopy papers that use a yellow highlighter for a mark, it typically will not leave a shadow when the paper is photocopied. People, including myself, somehow are under the impression that if you use a highlighter, you may remember material because you took the time to make it stand out.  Remember cramming for a test or trying to learn something in school and marking it up with a highlighter as a study tool?  I did that.  However, I find out today that it is said that using a highlighter doesn't help you remember anything you read.

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Say it isnt so?  Well, apparently it is.  Why?  Because highlighting something does not require input. According to Study Right you don't HAVE to actually read whatever it is you are highlighting.  I suppose I never thought of it that way.  No wonder I struggled to pass Chemistry!  Apparently highlighting the periodic table didn't help me remember any of it. I wish I would have known this back then.  The folks at 'Study Right'  go on to mention that it may be a great SECOND strategy, but go for something that requires putting something into your brain first.  Well, hmmm, I still like my highlighters!  I got this straight I think, read it first, then highlight it.