For years now, scientists have seemed to be in agreement that the five-second rule is a myth...if you drop food on the floor, it gets contaminated with bacteria immediately, whether you pick it up quickly or not.

Well, good news...they might be wrong.  The next time you drop that potato chip, go ahead and pop it into your mouth.  You'll be fine.  Probably.

A new study out of Aston University in Birmingham, England found that time DOES make a difference in bacteria transferring from the floor to food.  As long as you get it off the floor in roughly five or six seconds, it'll probably be okay.

The researchers also found carpet transfers the least bacteria to your food....laminate and tiled surfaces transfer the most...and wet foods, like ice cream, pick up more bacteria than dry food.

87% of people say they would eat food they dropped on the floor if they picked it up quickly.

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