These are truly scary, and none of them have a conclusion.

All of them happened in Minnesota. Do you remember any of these? Which one scares you most?

1. Hang Lee Goes Missing

Crime Stoppers MN

Hang's story is a sad one. She was last seen on a cold January day in St. Paul back in 1993, and to this day, no one has found her. According to Crime Stoppers Minnesota, "Ms. Lee was a Highland Park High School senior and working at the Wong Cafe on Rice Street at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen by friend Kia ‘Nikki’ Lee after a job interview with painting company owner Mark Steven Wallace, Kia’s boss, in the Frogtown area of St. Paul."

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2. The Kensington Runestone


You can still see it at the Runestone Museum today, but that's only if you believe it is real. It's been highly debated as to whether or not it's a hoax, since Olof Öhman found it on the family farm in 1898.

The museum explains, "The Runestone has led researchers from around the world and across the centuries on an exhaustive quest to explain how a runic artifact, dated 1362, could show up in North America." Good point. If it's real, how did it end up here?

3. The Murder of the Winona 'Baby Angel'

Crime Stoppers MN

They called the deceased baby the "Winona Baby Angel" because she was found with four angel figurines.

Crime Stoppers Minnesota explains, "The Winona County Sheriff`s Office is still trying to find the mother, and to solve the case, of Baby Angel.  The deceased infant girl was found by boaters floating in canvas and plastic bags in the Mississippi River near Winona on September 5, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. The canvas bag had embroidery on the outside of the bag." Do you have any information on this case?

4. The Murder of Helen Brach

Seriously creepy. She supposedly left a routine checkup at Mayo Clinic, and never made it home to Chicago.

5. The Murder of Suzanne Sayles

The Star Tribune explains, "Marilyn Sayles' pain won't go away, not even 28 years later. It was a warm May evening when her daughter Suzanne was raped and strangled in a cozy Minneapolis studio apartment. Over time, detectives spent hundreds of hours working the case. But Suzanne Sayles' killer remains a mystery." In 2008, her case got a fresh look... but so far, no leads.