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Gotta love hunting season. It is usually really cold and sometimes it sneaks up on you. The other day the DNR released the kids weekend numbers and those were amazing!  I know my brother was running around the other day trying to get new camo to match the area he is going to be hunting because he chose a new spot this year. After talking to all of my friends and looking at what I use, I have come up with five things every Minnesota deer hunter needs for this year's hunting season.

1. A Good Hunting Backpack

This pack is very popular. It has a lot of pockets to store all of your tools in. It is also very comfortable. It's the pack that I would for sure use if I didn't already have one!

2. A Heated Vest

My best friend back in Iowa swears by this! I have never used them before, but I have a feeling they would make long hours out in the field more pleasant... especially because they are saying this winter is going to be colder than last year.

3. A Good Hunting Knife

I have a different hunting knife, but my brother's friend swears by this knife. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it also does the job really well. When deer hunting, it is nice to have a few knives on you because harvesting with just one is kind of hard.

4. Scent Eliminator... but not just any... a good scent eliminator!

Oh... do I have a funny story about scent eliminators! My brother forgot to remove his scent block from his hunting laundry and broke mom's machine. It's kind of funny. Dead Down Wind was the most popular brand when I worked at the archery shop. I have never used it, but a lot of hunters swear by it!

5. Deer Drag and Harness

I'm not sure if you need these out here in Minnesota, they were must-have when you went hunting in the mountains of Colorado. These are great if you want to drag your deer back to your truck to harvest.

These are the must-haves to survive this year's hunting season!