Okay, you have heard of Spring cleaning, but what about Winter cleaning?
Lately, my weekends have consisted of piling up old stuff/junk and hauling it off to one of the popular thrift shops in town, most likely Savers or Goodwill.

You know the saying; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! What else is there to do in Minnesota, when the wind is crazy, and when you go outside every limb in your body will freeze! But, luckily we have now entered a slight mid-winter thaw!

Why spend so much time cleaning right when the weather turns nice? Why not do it now, when we're stuck indoors anyway?

Snow and sand is tracked inside every day from the kids, the pet, and the family, the fireplace is circulating ashes, the heat's running constantly, and with no open windows, all that dust is just hovering around.  Having a clean house can really make you feel better, for a little while!

5 Tips for Winter Cleaning Your Home
These unusual cleaning tips will save you money, too.

Clean Your Furnace
(Change your furnace filter once a month.)
Deep Clean Your Carpet and Floors
Clean the Windows
If you have a fireplace or burn candles, your windows likely will get a thin film of soot on the inside, which can block precious sun.
Clean the Kitchen Ceiling
I'm not kidding here? Your kitchen ceiling likely has a film on it, mainly from all the moisture, fumes and smoke resulting from cooking.

Recently I have been trying to give my own house a thorough, deep cleaning.  It can be great exercise, and it feels wonderful to be in a clean and bright house.

Have you deep cleaned your home lately?