Summers are beautiful in Minnesota, especially if you spend some time exploring the great outdoors. I love to hike, and so the other day, I spent about four hours at Rochester's Quarry Hill Nature Center. Here are some of the unique things I stumbled across.

Paisley stumbled across this gnome garden on her hike the other day.

If you look closely there is a lot to discover at Quarry Hill, like a gnome garden. I was walking on a path and happened to look down at one of the tree stumps. What I saw was a collection of gnomes that were beautifully placed. I'm not sure the story behind the garden, but I found it to be very awesome. I might have to make a trip back and talk to the staff about it.

Dirt path at Quarry Hill Nature Center

I tend to like to explore in the woods. Paths are great so you don't get lost, but usually, you find the unique things when you venture off the paths. I found this dirt path that eventually leads me to an awesome rock formation. That reminded me of hiking back home.

Rock Formation at Quarry Hill Nature Center

Speaking of the Rock Formation, here is the best picture I could get. Don't you even worry, there are plenty of areas to climb and be a wild child on it! If it wasn't so hot, that would be a great place to have lunch.

Wood Stove at Quarry Hill Nature Center

The stonework that is left around the paths there is amazing! This stove is so beautiful and has recently been restored, so we can take in its beauty. I had to take in the sight for a few. There are even a few stone walls that are still intact that you should check out.

The cemetery at Quarry Hill Nature Center

This was the last interesting thing I stumbled upon on my Quarry Hill adventure. I walked around for a few minutes and the headstones are still in amazing condition. I always find it fun to go explore and see the history there is in cemeteries.

If you are adventurous and like to get lost in the woods, Quarry Hill Nature Center is a great place to go explore. While I was there, I did check on the turtle they found a few weeks ago that lost his leg. Staff said that he's a trooper. He's normally on display, but when I was there they had him in the back.

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