Today is National "Stress Awareness" day. We all have it but all deal with it differently and sometimes not very well. It's simple math. Demand exceeds your resources. It's school activities, work, family situations, and life in general. I know as a mom, managing my kids' activities, meals, bath time and school work is a job on its own.

Luckily we live in one of the BEST places to take care of ourselves the right way.

1. Dan Abrahamson Healthy Living Center 

With this amazing place a few steps away and accessible for many Rochester residents, it's a shame more don't take advantage of it. They have programs for burnout prevention but even LAUGHTER Yoga. Now that sounds fun!

2. Salient Oils

It's may not a cure-all but I've found that it can be an immediate mood booster and curb common ailments like stuffy noise and sleepless nights which adds to anyone's stress level. Just a little mint and rosemary lotion at the Rochester Women's Expo and I was ready to rock!

3. Sign Up For The RENEW Women's Retreat

I will be the first to admit, I didn't have time. Too many obligations, places to go, things to do, but I decided to invest in myself of 2 days and get grounded again. It was an eye-opener. Get to know your top 5 passions and find out how to harness them in your life for maximum satisfaction. It's something every woman should experience.

4. Massage

It seems like a luxury but the sciences have proven it's a true stress releaser. It's worth giving it a try. Not only do you get a break and help these women in training become the healers they are meant to be but you can benefit from a price break while you relax!

5. Books

It's way cheaper way than therapy (tho not a replacement). But getting lost in someone that can inspire and rejuvenate your spirit is well worth the time. Even if you can't "sit down" and read, get the audiobook. Here are my favorite books from this year.