The Shopko stores in Rochester, Minnesota have a lot of special memories for a bunch of people, my family included.  If you loved that store, or you just love great big letters, a piece of the South Shopko store can be yours.

Part of the Old Shopko Store in Rochester, Minnesota Can Now Be Yours

When the Shopko stores closed a few years ago in Rochester, everyone wondered what would happen next with the buildings.  Haley Comfort Systems and The Purple Goat moved into the North location.  Right now, construction is happening at the South location for the new business moving in called At Home.  If you missed that update, you can find more info on that store announcement here.

Yesterday, the big Shopko letters that were on the front of the building showed up at Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity and now, they can be yours.

You never know what will show up at the Rochester Area ReStore donation door! Here's the letters off the old SHOPKO south building in Rochester, MN. - Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity Facebook Page

Ken Quattrin, Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity
Ken Quattrin, Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity
Ken Quattrin, Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity
Ken Quattrin, Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity

Bring the cash and the old Shopko letters can be yours!

According to Ken Quattrin at Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity, $200 is the price for each individual letter.  They are quite large and because of that, the letters won't be on the sales floor.  If you are serious about purchasing them you can reach out to the store manager, John Timm.

You can learn more about the ReStore shop and get contact info here.

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