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Things have been hard for non-profits during the pandemic, but one 11-year-old girl stepped up to make it a little easier for the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester with a $600 Donation!

The Ronald McDonald House doesn't spend much time noticing the amount of money donated because, to them, the most important thing is that people are giving from their heart, and so all donations are valuable for the hope they offer.

But I'll go ahead and say it...wow and well done! If a child can't be at home to heal, the next best thing is a home-away-from-home where families can gather, get to know each other, and support each other, too. The curative properties of this kind of support are monumental.

Joslyn Gurtner - ABC 6 News
Joslyn Gurtner - ABC 6 News

According to ABC 6 News her name is Joslyn Gurtner and if she's inspired you to step up and help the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, then maybe the 18th Annual Hearts & Diamonds Spectacular is right up your alley, with different levels of giving to keep kids and their family together when medical issues arrive.

EVENT: Hearts and Diamonds Spectacular
WHERE: Everywhere!
WHEN: Saturday, February 6, 2021

The event will begin with an interactive virtual red carpet, followed by a virtual event program and entertainment all to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. A first ever Hearts & Diamonds in a Box opportunity will allow us to expand our reach and grow our base of event attendees while ensuring health and safety for all.

Here's the different ways to get involved...

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