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According to CNN, one of Rochester's most popular donut shops could be part of the 800 Dunkin' Donut locations closing up in the United States of America.

These aren't temporary "Covid-19 Closings". The 8% of Dunkin' stores that are closing will be permanent. Does that include the Rochester locations (2519 Commerce Drive NW and 10 st Avenue SW, the Kahler Hotel)? That answer isn't known yet. It all depends on how much volume the stores do. But 800 stores nationwide, and maybe 500 internationally? That's a lot of jobs lost.

"More than half of the closures are in Speedway convenience stores, a change it previously announced in February. These locations are set to be closed by the end of this year." (Source)

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Fox Business News says the stores that'v been open at least a year showed an almost 20% loss of revenue due to Covid 19, but in the last weeks, that business has slowly returned. That's good news. We hear too often of businesses that are spread a across the country closing for good rather than regaining lost ground.

PS - Dunkin' is scheduled to start putting a lot more focus on their coffee, including investing in all new fancier equipment. (SOURCE)


Quite simply, no they're not. Check out this story from just a few months ago...

Bloedow-Bakery - Used with permission form their FB page.
Bloedow-Bakery - Used with permission form their FB page.

Country Living Magazine gave major props to Bloedow's Bakery in Winona for having the best doughnuts in the state. Anyone that's been there probably agrees. People travel from all across the region to get their favorite tasty-treat from the 95-year-old bakery in Winona. Fans have even started a Facebook fan group devoted to the bakery and its delicious treats.

Bloedow's is open Monday through Saturday and sells more than 30 different kinds of doughnuts. It's not just the doughnuts that people go crazy for, they also have delicious cookies and breads all of which are made fresh each day..(Keep reading here...)

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