Today is 8th International "Go Topless Day"! How are YOU celebrating?

These guys are real boobs!
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I like to think that I'm a stand-up, uber-supportive kinda guy. I'm there for the missus and the kids - especially my daughter.

Today is 8th International Go Topless Day. The point is: If guys can go topless in public...

Go Topless!

Then why shouldn't a woman be able to? A woman with a strong sense of security and image. A woman just as proud as a dude. What is so wrong with a woman's right to go topless? I'm all for that, just like any healthy, hot red-blooded American male. It's 2016, when will we stop objectifying a woman's - or a man's - body?

Here's the thing. I'm all for a woman being open and proud. If you're not embarrassed, I'll try not to act twelve.

But... call me conservative or "prudish", a part of me thinks that some things should be between two people.

From the Bergchives
Cathy and Dave

I'm not so sure I want my boys to see their Mom go topless, even though it is 2016. I'm not so sure I want to see either my Mom or my daughter go topless.

When we all go over to the Soldiers Field pool, I keep my shirt on even after I get in the water. Pale is the most rude color!

So, while I am completely and totally supportive - in theory. I'm not so sure I want to show off what God gave me... in more ways than one.

Besides, we live in Minnesota. Y'gotta take the weather into consideration, amIright, amIright?