Hunting season is underway across the country. Wisconsin currently has a nine-day gun season and the other day a 104-year-old woman harvested a buck.

KTTC says that the Department of Natural Resouces is still looking into this, but they unofficially think Florence Teeters is the oldest person to shoot a buck in Wisconsin.

Her son Bill said that Teeters was sitting in a blind with him last year when she realized she wanted to participate in 2019. This inspired her to buy a tag this year and tag along for the day.

The two set up their blind on Saturday and after sitting there for two hours, Teeter was able to take downer her buck. Bill said that his mom was so so so excited, that is all she kept talking about.

DNR officials have just done a preliminary investigation on if she is the oldest person to harvest a buck. In their research, they are saying she has set the record. No official answer has been given yet.

It's so fun to see the younger and older generations get into a life-long sport like hunting. I hope when I'm 104 I can be in blind hunting. If you have any great hunting pictures, we would love to see them inside our app.

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