Does this look like a $30,000 Beanie Baby?

It does to Leah Rogers and Ryan Flanaghan, a couple that bought it at car boot sale. (Google says that's basically a flea market, but, with a way better name.)

Ryan's a former Beanie Baby Collector, so when he saw it, he thought it might be rare, checked it out, and yep...very rare.  It's one of only 100 that were made to honor Princess Diana in 1997!  He made the deal of a lifetime and bought it for £10 (about $15 US). His hope is to sell it for £20,000, and then use the money to buy a house.

They may be able to get more for it, though. A similar one is on eBay for £62,500 (about $93,000 US). But then there's this one... it looks like they're aiming a liiiiitle bit higher.