A Chair Affair was an enormous amount of fun, raised over $370,000 dollars and left me with one dilemmer...

What dessert should I eat?

You've been there, right?  You're at a banquet, there's one dessert in front of you, but Mike or Cindy or Lawrence didn't show and there's an entirely different dessert in front of his empty chair. You leap over the table, you grab it before anyone else can, and you set the two in front of you. Decision time.

What is that noise? It's the other people at the table, rudely interrupting your thoughts. "Oh, what if I wanted that?" and "Myeahhhh, that's not fair, you already have one, I don't have any!" and, "Wahhhhh,...you knocked my elderly mother over and now she's in an ambulance on the way to St Mary's!"

How are you supposed to concentrate with such meaningless chatter. "HUSH!" you want to yell, but you know, from experience, that just makes their yippity-yaps that much yippity-yappier. Focus, that's what you have to do. Focus. Which one? Which delicious dessert do I eat?

Quick...check the menu, that'll help!

Hmmmm....that did help. What's the answer?


Let the om nom nomming commence!

In case you missed the selfies I took...