I love dogs, but I haven't had one since I was a kid, so I don't know if they normally like candy, but this dog? If it's sour, he's NOT down with it.

This is just plain cute. A guy lets his dog lick his super sour candy...the dog does, doesn't like it, and when the guy tries to get him to take another lick, that's when this goes into high-level cute.

Speaking of dogs, we had a scrawny li'l terrier we called Rex. Rex was a yapper, but a great lap-dog. And way more patient with me than he needed to be. He used to eat dry dog food from an old tin peculator my brother turned sideways, put it on two arms, and the dog had to pull a rope to get a kibble out.

It was awesome watching him eat the kibble. He had the worst over-bite, and he'd take the kibble under a stool near the feeder, and tilt his head almost 90 degrees, and bit it in the weirdest head shaking way.

It was cool.

But this video has me wishing I'd tried the sour thing!

Speaking of sour, this is pretty great, too.