You've seen him on Iron Chef America (as a judge), and now he's coming to Rochester!

It's not every day that a Food Network star comes to town, but July 8th is going to be that day. Chef Mario Rizzotti is headed to Cook's Pantry as part of a restaurant tour called "4 the Love of Italian Food" - specializing in Italian dishes (yum!).

More information is expected to be released soon, but for now we have the time, date, and location. We also have the promise of tasty food coming our way too!

Mario explains that this tour is going to focus specifically on the healthy aspects of Italian dishes. I know, we all think of lots of a tomatoes and cheese when it comes to Italian food, but he's going to show us there's so much more to it than that. Stay tuned for more updates.

You can get a sneak peek of the tour here.

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