Are you ready to head back to a "galaxy far, far away"?

It's no secret I'm a big kid.

I still like cartoons, comic books and super-heroes. It's great that, for now, my kids like cartoons and super-heroes, too. They're teenagers. They like video games, too.

Even better: a lot of the comic book super-hero movies come out in the Spring, the first weekend in May. My anniversary with my wife is May 6th. So, yeah we usually do the whole romantic celebration. And then, we cut loose and go watch the latest super-hero flick.

The new one that's coming is Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. You remember the first one, right? Monster, smash hit at the box office. Kind of a surprise hit.

Well, here is a preview of the sequel, that will be part of celebrating 27 years of wedded bliss, otherwise known as my wife putting up with my childish behavior.