Ever been really embarrassed over a photo that showed up on Facebook of you that somebody else posted? If I had a penny... for every time this has happened to me, I'd be pretty rich these days! I hate seeing pictures of myself. It's funny because I love to take pictures of other people! With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and everything else at our disposal these days, and those magical handy devices for taking photos and videos, nothing is easy to run away from today. A man sued his wife over photos posted on Facebook he didn't like, and WON! You guessed it, this married couple, who probably do not have the greatest relationship, were fighting. It turns out she posted some old photos up on Facebook. They were from ten years ago and he didn't like it, so he took it to court. He claimed she, "Put them up on Facebook without his permission." The courts actually ruled in his favor, based upon a law from 1941 about permissions of photos, and she was asked to remove the photos AND may even have to pay damages.

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Wow! According to sources, the couple from Italy are not even divorced, however, this could be a straw that breaks that camels back. The photos supposedly were mushy honeymoon photos and he didn't want any social media P.D.A. out there. A man afraid to show the world he loves his wife, what is wrong with this picture? Well, I haven't seen the photos, so who knows.  Maybe they are not great photos.  It does bring the question up however of how much you want the world to see of you.


You might be surprised to learn that I am somewhat of a private person... funny, I know, I work in radio and speak to people on a regular basis.  Seriously, people do have different personalities, and I prefer to not be the center of attention at times. I have heard even some famous celebrities that shy away from the spotlight, remember how Adele had issues with keeping her child out of the limelight? It seems every other day you hear of some famous person not very happy with the paparazzi over capturing them in an unflattering way or invading their privacy.


I also know there are times when I cringe when I get tagged in a picture that i'd rather not be.  It's easy to say, "Well, its really not a big deal," or, "You look great!" when in all actuality you know that is an unflattering photo of someone or it's just something they did in bad taste that they'd rather not let the world see. My favorite issue was when a photo of me with my 'fly' down spent well over three hours on everyone's Facebook feed until I finally contacted the person who took it and posted it to take it down. That was a wonderful day.  Yes, that happened to me.


Who could forget Rebecca Black?


Inundated with hateful comments from her 'Friday' video.... It's happened to a few.   So, again, who knows, maybe they were some horrible photos.  Either way, HE WON in court!


It's already out there, so ... the damage, whatever it was, was done.  Anything weird ever happen to you?  I can't say I even laugh about my experience with that one photo, not that there weren't more than that, but still....  maybe the guy had a case!  I just don't know!  Thoughts?



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