I love a good fireworks display, but sometimes, you go to a Fourth of July event and you walk away feeling like things just weren't big enough. At this festival in Malta, you would NOT have that problem. 

Back in September this happened. The YouTube title says it is the largest ever, but I have no way of corroborating a statement like that.


I didn't find it in 'Biggest Booms" or "Fireworks Fancy Magazine" and I certainly didn't find the answer in "Things That Go Boom-Ahhhh,"  a real disappointment since that's one of my favorite magazines.

The first part of the video is nice, you keep waiting for the big one, tho. And then, there it is. Toward the end, a big boom, lots of lights, and then a TON of little booms off that. It's big in a way to please any kid that stood on their family driveway hoping this would be the biggest firework ever. No, now this one!


It literally fills the sky!