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If you've been jonesing for a meal at a classic, old-school supper club, like are popular over in Wisconsin, there's now a new option open here in Minnesota.

The concept of a 'supper club' is a uniquely Wisconsin thing (though there are a few of them scattered across the Land of 10,000 Lakes as well.) Sure, it's a restaurant, but visiting a true supper club is like traveling back in time. The website, Wisconsin Supper Clubs, explains them like this:

Wisconsin’s supper clubs started as taverns and resorts where fried chicken and perch were served along with a beer. Eventually, these places transformed their food and decor, and as a result, the classic menu we know and love came into being: Friday fish fry, Saturday prime rib, Sunday broasted chicken and ribs. Plus relish trays, cheese and crackers at the bar and the undisputed cocktail: a brandy old fashioned.

And, now there's an old-school, Wisconsin-style supper club open here in Minnesota, too-- and it's only 80 miles from Rochester. The Creekside Supper Club and Lounge opened its doors on Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis (about an hour and 20 minutes away from the Med City) late last year.

True to its name, the Creekside Supper Club offers the genuine Wisconsin supper club standard: the Brandy Old Fashioned. (Most Old Fashioneds you get these days are made with whiskey or bourbon, not brandy as they do over in Wisconsin.) There are also several other classic cocktails, too, like the Gimlet, Grasshopper, Vodka Collins and Brandy Alexander.

The Creekside also has the classic supper club menu (including the requisite relish tray appetizer and fish fry or prime rib dinners) to go along with those classic cocktails, though they've all been elevated in a way that pays homage to the past but have also been 'respectfully updated' (as the Creekside website says.) You can check their full menu HERE.

MSP Magazine says the Creekside also sports a genuine Northwoods fireplace, as well as a water feature where you can toss in a few coins for good luck. (I grew up over in Wisconsin and used to go to supper clubs with my grandparents all the time-- and they ALL had a fireplace and fountain/water feature!)

I can't wait to try it out! And speaking of great food we all used to eat when we were kids, keep scrolling to see which food item was all the rage the year YOU were born!

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