Watching the joy on my son's face after winning a Pinewood Derby race is about the best feeling in the world. Over the years there have been a lot more losses than victories. As a dad, I've helped my two sons build their cars and it's always been a great father-son bonding time.

Many years ago when my oldest son Andy was in Scouts, he was much more concerned about how the car looked than how it performed. That is until his very un-aerodynamic car finished dead last. After that his mission was to build faster cars and we did, usually finishing in the middle of the pack during the races.

Last weekend my youngest son Logan participated in his final Pinewood Derby races of his Cub Scout career. He's always simply enjoyed the experience and didn't care whether he won or lost. But after years of being average, this year we build a pretty fast car for Logan and he even won a few races. And his smile at the end made it all worthwhile for this proud dad.